Narrow your search

Upon inputting your search criteria and being presented with the initial results, you may wish to refine your search. This can easily be done by utilising the “Narrow your search” options in the sidebar of the results window.

In the first instance you can choose to narrow the search by event. Selecting one of the three options, baptism, marriage or burial, will reduce the results to those relevant to the chosen event.
You may also choose to filter the search by diocese or parish and this can be done by selecting the appropriate options on the side bar. In all cases the numbers next to the options in this side bar relate to the number of records within each option, e.g. Lucan R.C. (70), Palmerstown R.C. (14) indicates that there are 70 records in the results for Lucan with 14 relevant to Palmerstown.

You can also filter your search results by century and decade in a similar fashion.

Finally, should you know the name of another person involved in the event, for example, the second spouse in a marriage, you can enter this in the "With an additional name" box and your search will be refined so as to present results where this additional name is also included in the particular record.